Monday, January 16, 2006

Corruption and Ralph Reed

The Washington Post reports today that the Jack Abramoff scandal is hurting former Christian Coalition Executive Director Ralph Reed’s attempt to become elected lieutenant governor of George.

Not only is the article interesting for what it says about Reed’s not-very-ethical involvement with Abramoff, but it also flashes an interesting spotlight on some Georgian’s attitudes about the holier-than-thou Dominationists like the Christian Coalition.

In “random interviews on Main Street in heavily Republican Alpharetta,” The Post reports, neither Reed nor the Christian coalition were viewed very favorably. They quote one Republican David Loudenflager.
Loudenflager does not like the Democratic Party -- "they give away everything" -- but he puts no stock in the Christian Coalition: "All these people running around telling you how good they are, and how right they are. You better be careful and hold on to your wallet."
I also loved Abramoff’s own characterization of Reed “a bad version of us.”

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