Thursday, January 26, 2006

Beloved President names himself king of country and language

In our beloved president’s press conference today, Mr. Beloved noted that he doesn’t embrace the word “circumventing” in describing how he ignored the law in authorizing domestic spying. The Washington Post’s Joel Achenbach followed up the press conference by offering to help our poor, befuddled prez.
As a public service, we offer some alternative words that the president might use:
Achenbach also wrote that he thinks he’s uncovered an even grander scheme of the president’s then anointing himself King of the U.S.:
HE NOW HAS POWER OVER LANGUAGE ITSELF. This is the ultimate expansion of presidential authority. (And if he says "Mission Accomplished," then by gosh, it is.)
All I can say is: uh huh. Aren't you Bush voters happy you put him into office?

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