Monday, December 19, 2005

This Moment

In this moment…

No one is attacking your family.
No one is threatening your job or your home.
No single person is making speeches about you, and no one is calling you evil.

In this moment…

No one wants to confiscate your Bible or shut down your church.
No one is laughing at you, or saying that what you believe is absurd.
And no one, really no one, is trying to make you think different, live different, or raise your children differently than you want to.

In this moment…

There is no struggle between cultures, no attempt to create a theocracy, no effort to destroy religion. There is no evolution, no creationism and no intelligent design.

There is no war in Iraq, no bombs and no one is dying. There are no spying scandals, or speeches or press conferences, and there is no president. No one is struggling in New Orleans or in the rest of the Gulf Coast. There is no aftermath to a tsunami, to earthquakes. There is no fear or despair.

There are no bills to pay, no presents to buy and no losses to grieve.

In this moment, this particular moment…

You can feel breath moving in and out of your lungs. The computer mouse is cool and smooth under your palm. There may be the sound of someone doing dishes in another part of the house, or a young child’s voice, or a dog’s bark. It may be blue-sky sunny or pin-prickstarry dark outside. The ground may be covered with the white of snow, the gray of dry cement or the green of warm grass.


In THIS moment… There is only peace.

Happy Holidays.

Check back after Christmas for more meditative musings, political commentary and red-state updates.

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