Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Lesbian or Gay: Being A Target

I want to bring this comment out to the front of the blog so that it’s more visible. I think Mike has some important things to say. Thanks for comment, Mike! I agree that some heterosexual allies don't understand the full impact of the situation. That's not true of all our allies, but it certainly is true of some. I suspect it's hard to understand the terror of the situation if you're not in the line of fire yourself.

I’m working up my “Target On Your Back” essay right now and hope to have it up within the next few days. This isn't something I can slam out in a few minutes. Stay tuned.

Mike said...

I'd love to hear what your thoughts are on the 'target on your back' topic.
I often get the impression that even the most sympathetic straight allies just don't know what it is like. I was arguing with a friend the other day about the threat of the federal marrage amendment, and even though he is 100% sympathetic, thinks we should have equal marriage rights, and decries the amendment, but he is just too sanguine about it.

I think sympathetic straight people see our defeats the same way most of us look at disasters int he third world -- they are horrible, for sure, and you feel so sad, and maybe want to send money to help, but they really don't affect YOU or YOUR LIFE and they are far away, so you kind of move on.

I guess, no matter what, they are still spectators, and we're the ones on the field, and that is the difference.

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