Monday, December 05, 2005

Apologies, Future Topics & the Meaning of Life?

To my handful of readers, many apologies for not updating every day. The pressures of my professional and personal life, plus an annoying lack of sleep have kept me from getting back to the blog. My goal is to post a minimum of once a day, although weekends and holidays will probably see few updates.

I've got some links coming. I've also got some more mini-essays percolating through my mind. Among the upcoming topics are:
  • Living With A Target On Your Back
  • Is the Real Issue Respect?
  • How Do We Learn To Live Together?
  • Why "Culture War" is a Lousy Term
I'm also mulling over a post about blogging culture and wondering whether this kind of rather mannerly blog will ever fit into the dreaded and powerful blogosphere.

If I can get a few extra minutes, I also plan to do some reporting on various topics. In other words, interview folks, dig up documents and research and post the results.

Stay tuned for further developments. If you have a particular topic you'd like me to tackle (that "meaning of life" thing, for example), please post a comment here and let me know.

Enjoy the sunshine everyone and keep warm!

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