Monday, November 21, 2005

Why Call a Blog “In This Moment?”

I suspect this isn’t exactly what most folks would expect a political blog to be called. It’s a tad Zen, isn’t it, to call a blog “In This Moment?”

The title is an acknowledgement that all we have in life is the moment we live in. Living mindfully in that instant, I believe, is a path to sanity and wholeness.
By Diane Silver

But the title is more than a nod to Zen practice. It’s a comment on the fact that politics and getting involved in a public debate can feel overwhelming. You want to make a difference, you want to solve a problem in society, but you’ve got a job, a family, a living room to paint and a lawn to mow. How can you find the time? What can you possibly do?

What you and I can do is to consider what action we can take in this moment.

That action could take the form of doing nothing more than reading one newspaper article, or spending 15 minutes on a blog to learn about an issue. It could mean writing one email to a legislator, making one phone call, or spending the five minutes it takes to join a political organization or make a donation online. The best action for this moment could be holding a friend who’s in despair, saying a prayer, or perhaps, to do nothing more than to pose this one question to yourself: How can I help?

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