Monday, November 28, 2005

Ridicule or Normal Criticism of Christianity?

Red State Rabble is hosting an interesting discussion on "Standards" sparked by a quote from Kansas state Sen. Karin Brownlee. The Republican from Olathe told the Lawrence Journal-World that ''we have to set a standard that it's not culturally acceptable to mock Christianity in America.''

The frightening thing about Brownlee's quote is that it appears that she wants to cut off all debate and to not only limit, but to crush many people's First Amendment right to free speech.

But is she upset about the fact of the criticism or the language that was used? Is the issue the fact that criticism exists or the fact that respect doesn't appear to exist?

For me, personally, what would it mean to respect someone whose beliefs are so radically different than mine? What would it mean for Brownlee to respect my beliefs? Certainly, our language would have to be different. No more name calling. No calls for the destruction of the other person or her belief system. What would it mean politically?

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