Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The Increasingly Unloved Board of Education

Not everyone in Kansas loves what the State Board of Education is doing. Criticism is beginning to come from conservative western Kansas and small towns as well as from the larger cities.

The new education commissioner, a former conservative lobbyist with zero education experience, and Connie Morris, one of the most conservative members of the board, toured western Kansas last week. The tour took them through a part of the state that might be expected to not only support the new ultra-right board’s actions, but to support Morris. Their tour was of her own district.

Apparently, though, the love wasn’t flowing. The Lawrence Journal-World reported Corkins and Morris Not Well Received, while the Garden City Telegraph noted that the Local Reaction Was Mixed.

Meanwhile, the newspaper in Iola, Kansas, (population of approximately 6,300) isn’t thrilled. Public Schools Get Radical Direction.

The Winfield Courier called Board Chairman Steve Abrams a “stranger to the truth.”

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